Legal Experts With The Ability To Execute A Full Spectrum Of IP Services

USPTO Law Associates has the only fully integrated team of valuation professionals, damages experts, compliance professionals, investment bankers, and technical experts with the ability to execute a full spectrum of IP services. We seek to maximize our clients’ interests in a cost efficient manner, providing services in:

Business Law

Every business is special and deserves expert legal guidance suited to its particular needs. USPTO Law Associates provides resources for your small business. Whether you are starting a small business or running an established company, it is vital to understand business laws and regulations. But that is easier said than done. Our goal is to provide business-related legal services so that you can spend more time dealing with the actual business and less time with legal intricacies of operating your business. We also handle business disputes, including pre-litigation matters, mediation, arbitration and litigation. We will help you understand what each part of these agreements require and make sure that these disputes or agreements provide protection to you and your business all in all.

Trademark Law

A thoughtful trademark strategy turns words, symbols, colors, product packaging shapes, sounds and smells, or any combination of these if used in a way that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods and/or services of one party from those of others. However, features of a product that are functional in nature or words or symbols that are generic or merely descriptive may not be able to serve as a trademark by themselves. A poorly developed branding strategy will in the long run be more costly to maintain and protect than the cost of thoughtful identification and clearance of trademarks in advance of commercial use. It’s essential to make a long-term plan when considering how to trademark your goods and services so as to promote growth while ensuring protection.

Copyright Law

A copyright is an exclusive right in the copyright owner to reproduce the work in copies, prepare derivative works based upon the work, distribute copies, and perform and display the work publicly.
Copyrights are established as soon as the author fixes an original work in tangible form such as an image on paper, film, computer, or any other tangible material. However, certain legal advantages of copyright can be obtained only by timely filing of a copyright application with the United States Copyright Office. By registering the copyright, the author secures a Certificate of Registration which allows the author to sue for copyright infringement in federal court. No suit for infringement of a copyright can proceed prior to obtaining the Certificate of Registration.

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets protect your information not generally known to others, giving you a competitive edge and economic advantage over competitors by allowing a perpetual monopoly in secret information such as formulas, processes, designs, instruments, patterns, compilations, and customer lists. The most common form of trade secret protection is the use of non-disclosure agreements. Thus, unlike other intellectual property rights, trade secret rights, if obtained, never expire. Moreover, with any intellectual property enforcement matter, prompt action creates a better chance for a desirable outcome, although such outcome can never be ensured. The best way to ensure safekeeping of your trade secrets is to take the appropriate measures upon conception.

Patent Law

A patent provides the legal protection necessary to commercialize your invention, giving you the exclusive right in most countries to prevent others from making, using, selling, or distributing the patented invention without the inventor's permission. The grant of patent to the inventor allows the patent owner a chance to recover the research and development costs expended in commercialization of the invention. USPTO Law Associates experienced attorneys will explain what a patent is, assess your individual and business considerations, and advise you on how to patent your innovations in relation to the advantages of one or more of the various types of domestic and international patent applications. Contact us to find out more about how to patent your ideas.


USPTO Law Associates handles pre-litigation dispute resolution and contentious licensing negotiation, appeals and post-grant review before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board of the USPTO, and intellectual property litigation in United States District Courts, U.S. International Trade Commission, and foreign jurisdictions. USPTO Law Associates attorneys can act as lead counsel or provide support to experienced trial attorneys in every type of intellectual property dispute to bring cost-effective, successful results to clients in a variety of business fields. We develop thoughtful pre-litigation strategies, and litigation strategies to control the expense and time to successfully protect the intellectual property rights of our client.